Hello Hello – Mango Blitz

With a sunbleached aesthetic and a bouncy pop sound and infectious call and response duetting, Hello Hello has the potential to give Mango Blitz a big daft summer hit. The band are based in Budapest and have been making fun pop records since 2015. Over the summer of 2017 they’re finalising an album which, according to their website and Google Translate ‘can be said to favour the dancers’. Sounds good to me.

Also, and I am just saying this, a lot of their very catchy and danceable songs come in at the three minute mark. Maybe they should think of giving A Dal a go next year?

Mango Blitz are on Facebook

Mango Blitz have a website 

A Small House – Basalt & Conchita

You might have heard that unstoppable legend Conchita was due to play a gig in Edinburgh this weekend, only for the gig to be cancelled at the last minute due to the fact that the UK denied visas to the three members of Basalt, the band that Conchita was due to perform with.

Basalt are based in Austria, which is the country they’ve made their home since they had to leave Syria as refugees. Here’s an article summarising what happened about their visas.

The collaboration that Basalt and Conchita were due to present is the song A Small House. It is a very, very powerful and beautiful song with terrifying lyrical imagery of losing your home and personhood, matched with the incredibly moving video clip. I just cried in the airport at it. Suitcases in the water. Humanity’s inhumanity and humanity. Friends smiling together. People reaching out to one another in worst circumstances.

I want to hear more from Basalt. Let’s be honest the world needs to hear more from people like Amjad, Noor and Almonther.

Basalt are on Facebook

Listen Outside On The Radio: Air

For our second show, all of our musical selections are loosely themed around the element of air.

Velvet Volume – Leap Into Heaven

Energetic & joyful all-sister Danish rock group. Facebook/Youtube

Nathan Trent – Aire

Summery Spanish language reboot of the hit from Eurovision 2017’s Mr Congeniality. Website/Facebook/Soundcloud

Druso – Passing Breeze

Mysterious Spanish pop singer brings breezy, casual psychedelia. Website / Facebook

Céu – Varanda Suspensa

Dreamy Brazilian low-key electronic bossa nova-ish pop. Website/Facebook/ Bandcamp

 Ochepovsky – I’m The Wind

Achingly beautiful modern jazz with a featured vocal from Horek McMillan. Website/Facebook/Soundcloud

Belgrado – Wiatr

Spanish/Polish post-punk group with an amazing aesthetic make danceable rock music. Facebook/Bandcamp

Noko Woi – Floating and Flying

Salvador Sobral’s previous Barcelona-based band make beautiful Jeff Buckley/early Radiohead style post rock music. Facebook/Bandcamp

Ankathie Koi – Hurricane

Beautifully bemulleted Austrian retro electropop goddess in synth heaven. Facebook/Bandcamp

Wincent Weiss – Frische Luft

German reality singing sensation with sophisticated, airy, pastoral pop. Website/Facebook


Experimental Norwegian electro artist makes weird 80’s inspired pop. Soundcloud/Facebook

Mick Pedaja – Breathe Breath/Hingake

Gorgeously spare, beautiful ambient pop from Estonia’s finest (and Listen Outside mascot). Website/Facebook/Soundcloud

KK & Magnus Eriksson – Vindur

Rootsy, country-ish Icelandic trad. Website/Soundcloud

Wucan – Father Storm

Female-fronted, flute enhanced retro 70’s stoner rock with immense groove and verve. Website/Facebook/Bandcamp

Listen to our show at www.radiosix.com





White Cars – Powernerd ft Ankathie Koi & Johann Martinus Bass

This song popped up while I was researching retro electropop diva (and Austria’s hottest ever mullet wearer) Ankathie Koi for the ‘Air’ show for Listen Outside On The Radio. I’m already very fond of Johann Sebastian Bass and I am a sucker for any form of homemade mirrorball costume, so this whole package had a huge raw appeal.

White Cars is a pure distillation of the aspirationally naff 80’s aesthetic, with the deliberately clunky video, the awkward extras and the beautiful deployment of a keytar vocoder. How fabulous!

If you like the more danceable end of Goldfrapp, or you were into Steed Lord, or you liked the Human League first time round, please get right into the work of Ankathie Koi. She’s a delight.

Here’s her Bandcamp.



Stay Awake EP – Bandmaster

Momentarily decloaking, I give you something that might take a couple of listens but will be very, very rewarding and actively make you cooler. Latvia’s Bandmaster are very much on the rise in 2017, doing Eurosonic Noorderslag at the start of the year and covering themselves with Baltic festival circuit glory.

Here’s the EP. For me the absolute standout tracks are Just Paddle (an excellent, spacey duet with EZERI) and Paper, Rock and Scissors which sounds like two songs playing simultaneously in the absolute best way possible. She Will starts off as a 90’s dancefloor banger and then gleefully wrongfoots you just when you’re expecting the drop. Hiding finishes the EP off with all sorts of difficult noises, squelchy noises and a synth solo line that begs to be played on keytar.

I like this, it’s good. You can definitely dance to it, but it’s like a 4/5 difficulty rating.

Bandmaster are on Soundcloud 

Bandmaster are on Facebook

Bandmaster also have this excellent music video.

Listen Outside On The Radio: Earth

For the first of our special summer radio shows on Radio Six International we’re sharing songs with a casual theme of ‘Earth’. Here’s our track listing and the relevant links for each of our fabulous Listen Outside artists.

Gallops – Actual Landscapes

Heavy atmospheric synthy rock from Wales. Bandcamp/Website/Facebook

Marnie – Lost Maps

Super cool electropop from the Ladytron frontwoman. Bandcamp/Website/Facebook

Yombe – Vulkaan

Hip, volcanic Italian dance. Soundcloud/Facebook

Francesca Michelien – Vulcano

Summery, dramatic pop from the Italian Eurovision star. Buy Single/Facebook

Be The Bear – Erupt

Epic Swedish audio landscapes. Facebook/Website

Saint Sister – Blood Moon

Spooky Irish doom folk with haunting harmonies. Bandcamp/ Facebook/ Website

The Devil Makes Three – All Hail

It’s the end of the world and they feel just fine. Devil may care bluegrass and roots. Facebook/Website

Porya Hatami – Autumn

Deeply beautiful ambient music combined with delicate, detailed field recordings. Website/Bandcamp

Antony & Cleopatra – Dust

Knotty, gnarly dancefloor music. Soundcloud/Facebook

Fredda – La Gardien Des Fleurs

Slinky French duet, in which being the guardian of the flowers is probably metaphorical. Bandcamp/Website/Facebook

Vinicio Caposella – La Faccia Del Terra

Gruff voiced, Waitsian tales of bluesy misery. But in fabulous, throaty Italian. Website/Facebook

Tres Alamos – Cuidad des Montanas

Southern-style rock that’s even more southern because it’s from Mexico. Gnarly indeed. Facebook

SOFA – Correcaminos

Summery, highly listenable prog with no pretensions, just great instrumentation. Bandcamp/Facebook

M, Toumani Diabate, Sidiki Diabate & Friends – Solidarité

Incredibly joyous miniature world tour, where we feel the love and solidarity of people joined together through music. Buy album/Facebook

You can now listen to the full show at Mixcloud



Game On! The Netherlands vs Norway

It’s summer again and that must mean that it’s time for some international football. We’re celebrating the 2017 UEFA Women’s Euros with another set of Game On! posts.

First up, it’s the hosts The Netherlands vs Norway.

The Netherlands are represented by Amsterdam based dance duo Secret Rendezvous, with summery 90’s tinged anthem Don’t Look At Me That Way. Secret Rendezvous have been doing their thing for a few years now – if you like a chill dance vibe, check out their Soundcloud page.

Norway are represented by thoughtful and ecological trop house anthem ‘Save Tropical House’ by R.E.D.D and DL Marlene Martinsen. You’ll love the lyrics, you’ll love the message and you’ll love the bit where they repeatedly shout ECUADOR! Yes, they are comedians.

Does The Netherlands or Norway win the Women's Euro 2017 curtain raiser?

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