Par Amour – Diam’s

diams simple frameOh my gosh. You have to listen to Par Amour. My French is very much not even at the level of understanding a simple reply to ‘Ou est la piscine?’ but I don’t think you need to understand every word to take the full nuance of Diami’s extraordinary, passionate flow straight between the ears. Whatever is happening, it’s for love, and judging by the terrifying gunshot in the instrumental break it is coming to a tragic ending. I like a bit of French rap under normal circumstances, but when it’s conveying this level of operatic emotion, I can only hand you the link and urge you to have a listen.
I didn’t know anything about Diam’s before listening to this song, but the general read-around revealed an extraordinary life. If it’s true that Diam’s has left the music industry for good, then it’s wonderful that she’s doing what she needs to do for her own well-being, but it’s sad that we can’t hope to hear more passionate, beautiful words and music from her.

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