A New Hope – Lunar Dawn

lunar dawn in frame 4.pngCan you remember playing Sonic the Hedgehog and you were underwater and Sonic was running out of air? This isn’t that, this is Croatian trance music.

If this came on when I was out and I’d had a couple of drinks I would definitely be up dancing with no sense of self-consciousness, the rest of the time I’m not so sure. It’s 7 minutes long and would make an excellent workout song to get you through to the end. It’s proper trance; the BPM is verging on frantic speeds and it’s an instrumental so there’s no need to worry about not understanding the lyrics. I wouldn’t recommend it just before bed, but if you want some slick sounding trance – go ahead.

Lunar Dawn are on Soundcloud

Lunar Dawn are on The Future Sound of Zagreb compilation on Spotify

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