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Yona is another magnificent product of the Finnish dream pop industry. Naivi – released in May 2105 – was her 5th album in five years, and one that I was introduced to via the sonorous, unhurried beauty of the opening track Matka. 

This record is like the a refreshing evening breeze after a stifling hot day. It’s the sound of the condensation on the first glass of wine.of a beautiful summer holiday. If the thermal contrast metaphors aren’t strong enough, it’s a collection of low key but not lightweight songs of delicate, tango influenced beauty.

Other highlights include the cute, slightly dubby Niitty ja taivas, blissed out but anthemic Indigoi (which incorporates spoken word bits – extra points!) and Tule minun luokseni rakas, which is the main theme from the mumblecore Bond film they’re making in a parallel universe. And then there’s vagely the Portisheadian Syyt which appears to have been a single.

I look forward to spending quiet summer evenings with this on, and will soon be getting into her next EP – Jona which is apparently out soon.  Hurrah for lovely, prolific Yona.

Yona has a website 

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2 thoughts on “Naivi – Yona

  1. “Naivi – released in May 2105”

    Can’t beat a bit of futuristic dream pop, eh? 🙂
    It’s a pretty good album. Thanks for reminding me that Yona exists.

    • Time travel is one of our many powers. Yona continues to produce one album a year for the next century and forms the basis of a new society where cosmic harmony is key.

      Be excellent to one another.

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