Ingen Är Bara Här För Att Dansa – Pfemme Records


We’re not just here to dance. Except this song definitely came here to dance, in that amazing 2001 to 2008 guitar disco way. Remember when the NME still cost money? Remember when suddenly you could actually dance at the indie disco again? Remember when you put rhinestones all over your Converse? (Was that just me?)

Pfemme Records don’t have a lot of info in English, but via my Level 5 Duolingo Swedish (I’m working on it) and Google Translate, I have worked out that they’re a Swedish feminist indie rock collective. They have produced for us this awesome tune with splendidly, defiantly political lyrics and some proper dancefloor action. And now I know how to say ‘minimizing us is not an option’ in Swedish, amongst other important vocab building phrases.

In a hypothetical ‘Listen Outside’ club night, we would play this back to back with Standing In The Way Of Control and we’d all chant along to the ‘dig, dig, dig, dig, dig’ bit in the middle eight.

Pfemme Records are on Soundcloud

Pfemme Records have a shop

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