Vampiros y Banqueros – Barón Rojo

Vampires and bankers! Some spirited anti-capitalist rock for you.

This is not new music, but if you’ve not heard it, it’s quite a thing. Barón Rojo are a Spanish hard rock/metal band who’ve been trucking almost continuously since 1981. If you need a higher recommendation than mine, try Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. It also sounds from some of the rhythm guitar like they’ve got some of the same songwriting harmonic template as The Misfits. Anything halfway between Maiden and The Misfits is going to be of interest to me, and that’s precisely where this song lies.

I found some of the studio albums I sampled to have aged somewhat badly in terms of production technique, but the live album that this version of Vampiros y Banqueros comes from is extremely powerful, putting their musicianship and showmanship centre stage. Their website reports that the current line-up is touring. It’s probably worth a look.

Barón Rojo have a website

Barón Rojo have tour dates



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