As Cool As Berlin – Valeska

coolasberlinPhoto by Justin Higuchi

Who amongst us does not want to be as cool as Berlin? This 2008 song from Valeska Steiner is a walk down a back alley to a rave in a squat in Kreuzberg – which at that point was still a cool neighbourhood.

This song, with a rather farty bassline, very lazy surf riffs and tinny hipster drum machine, is really different from the rest of Valeska’s singer-songwriter material, and much more interesting. It sounds cool, but communicates the nature of being a bit of a try-hard at the same time. It also deserved to be a bigger hit than it was.

Valeska is also half of BOY, who appear to doing rather well from their Spotify page, but again none of it has quite the laconic, bubblegum-snapping charm of Cool As Berlin.

BOY are on Twitter

BOY are on Spotify

Valeska’s solo album is on Spotify 

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