Down South – Mick Pedaja & Jüri Pootsman

So, Mick and Jüri have done a song together on the TV. They’ve had a busy year of mixed emotions. Jüri came dead last in Eurovision and Mick didn’t even get to go at all, but in a way they’ve come out wiser and more winning than even Jamala did.

In this song, they’re metaphorically kicking back in a remote Estonian cabin, feeling introspective, ‘burning some cigarettes and coming down’. It’s really very, very lovely. Mick’s delicate voice complements Jüri’s smoother tone wonderfully, which is highlighted on the verse they sing together. And then it floats off into wonderland as Mick’s shimmering guitar builds and they sing together ‘Is it a sign?’ in a way that has yet to fail to give me goosebumps.
Mick gets an additional ribbon for his genius badge and we award Juri an additional kudos point for seeing that the future’s bright, the future’s Pedaja.



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