Unriddle Me – Elephants From Neptune

Unriddle Me is a pretty straightforward rock song, but this is not an attempt to damn with faint praise. There’s a decent riff to rock along to, some funky bass and an air guitar worthy solo. The lyrics in English and either confoundingly subtle or basically meaningless, so you can happily sing along. Having listened to some of their other tracks it’s a surprise they haven’t become a more regular feature of the UK festival scene. They would fit in well on a Saturday afternoon when people need energising for the evening acts. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for them in future.

Elephants from Neptune are Estonian rockers – though they describe their sound as ‘Desert Boogie’ and I’m not sure what that means. For a comparison think Kasabian but rocking a bit harder. This is a great track if you want to rock but you’re tired of the same old tunes to rock out to.

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