Gabak Zerueri Begire – Gatibu

The sun is shining, there’s not a cloud in the sky and you’re listening to the anthemic sounds of Basque rock group, Gatibu. Like a lot of regional language groups and subsumed nations, the Basque speaking parts of Spain and France have a strong musical scene in their own language. Gatibu, which means ‘captive’ in Basque, aren’t avoiding the political implications of singing in their own language, but on songs like Gabak Zerueri Begire (which means something like ‘Nights looking at the sky’), they’re also not about to be po-faced about when they could party. I can explain all the bums in the video – there’s a line in the chorus about how it would be cool to dance naked, and that’s what all the Gatibu fans are doing.

But this song. It’s lovely, summery, slightly ska-influenced singalong pop rock. It makes you think that there’s still time to book festival tickets. Ey-oh, ey-oh.

Gatibu have a multilingual website

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