Count to Ten – Mew

Mew have been around for ages now, their blend of doomy indie songs and whimsical sometimes creepy artwork have kept a core group of fans sustained throughout changes to the line up (and back again.) This song was written and recorded for a tribute sampler for the Transformers called ‘Transformers Roll Out’ that was released in April this year – yes, I just wrote that no, I haven’t made it up.

There is a recognisable signature to a Mew song, which other artists have rarely imitated. It’s a signature that hasn’t dated. Count to Ten is recognisably a Mew track and not as challenging as some of the tracks on ‘and the Glass Handed Kites’ which was the last album I picked up by them back in 2005 and could be a difficult listen for indie rock. The piano sounds great and references back to their earliest albums. They released a new album last year ‘+ -’ charted at 59 in the UK and topped the chart in Denmark. Count to Ten is good enough to be an album track so it’s looking good for any new music they record this year!

Mew have a website

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