Game on: Poland vs Northern Ireland

Let’s have some fun today – we’ve got Poland vs Northern Ireland facing off with what can only be described as football novelty songs.

Poland are represented by Poparzeni Kawą Trzy, a veteran ska band. This record, PiłkarSKA (‘Football’ with a clever ska pun) won the competition to be the Polish team’s official Euro 2012 song.

Northern Ireland are represented by punk band 3D Shark and this is the *other* unofficial Northern Ireland Euro 2016 song, featuring actual vocals from actual NI commentating legend Jackie Fullerton.

Game on.

Whose novelty football anthem is better - Poland or Northern Ireland?

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PiłkarSKA – Poparzeni Kawą Trzy [Energetic football themed ska]


Jackie Fullerton Says (I’m In Heaven When You Score) – 3D Shark [Novelty football punk]

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