Game on: Germany vs Poland

This was the fixture that prompted all this nonsense – originally you were going to get Miss Kiss Kiss Bang vs My Słowianie because these are German and Polish songs that attempted to smuggle boobs into Eurovision (with varying levels of success), but then I remembered that MKKB is an awful racket, and that these two great nations could do a lot better.

So, for Germany we have the ridiculously talented Naima Husseini from Hamburg, who makes really gorgeous music – if you liked Sterne, try some of her ‘At home’ videos  where she performs huge multilayered compositions with her voice and a loop pedal.

For Poland we have Maja Kleszcz and incarNations. Maja was in the Warsaw Village Band, who are well worth taking a look at, but now she’s with the incarNations and making music that is in touch with the Polish folk tradition, but wouldn’t be out of place in the charts.

Which song was better? Naima Husseini or Maja Klezcz & the Incarnations?

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Sterne – Naima Husseini [Twinkly and beautiful pop with a warm heart]

Zanim Wstanie Miasto – Maja Kleszcz and IncarNations [Propulsive, lively folk pop with sensitive production and Maja’s lovely singing]

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