Game on: Ukraine vs Northern Ireland

Good afternoon! It’s Ukraine vs Northern Ireland and we’re going to get two different flavours of heavy.

The Hardkiss of Ukraine make an extraordinary variety of music and team each song with equally extraordinary visuals. It’s often dark and not always an easy listen but it’s great stuff. (I am pretty sure they’ll pop up on Listen Outside again next year for the 2017 Ukrainian Eurovision National Selection)

Slomatics of Northern Ireland are a different proposition. This is VERY HEAVY. Small objects will vibrate. Your windows may shatter. It stuns gerbils at 20 paces. It might not be to your taste, but approach it as the dark flipside of ambient music, and you might get somewhere.

Who has the better song? Ukraine or Northern Ireland?

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Make-up – The Hardkiss [Dramatic, industrial heavy pop music with incredible style]

Electric Breath – Slomatics [Hypnotically heavy drone metal. Trust me, it kicks in at about 1 minute. Stay for the bit with the oscillating entrails.]

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