Game on: Czechia vs Croatia

It’s Czechia vs Croatia! It’s a must-win game for Czechia in the football, but the stakes are a wee bit lower over here at Listen Outside.

Czechia are being represented by the fabulous voice and piano skills of Marek Ztraceny with the help of the marvellous Marta Jandová (you may remember her taking her shoes off in Vienna in 2015)

Croatia are being represented by a very Balkan pop song that has a video that I somewhat disapprove of, but contains lots of fabulous traditional horn embellishments, a massive pop chorus. It’s much less restrained than what they normally send to Eurovision.

Czechia or Croatia? Who had the better song?

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Kava a sex – Marek & Marta [Celebratory, love-filled pop with audio fireworks]

Srce Moje – Ivana Elektra [Strident, vibrant horn-enabled Balkan pop]

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