Game on: Italy vs Sweden

Two lovely bits of insouciant, rough around the edges female-fronted indie here for a match that I’m sure will be a cracker.

Maria Antonietta is a really interesting artist – she’s making spirited feminist music with a punk ethos, but it’s also informed by her background in art history and her interest in the feminine aspects of religion.

Pfemme Records are a feminist musical collective, and we’ve recommended this song before, but it’s so massive that I am posting it again and I’ll post it again until you all like it.

Whose song did you like more? Maria Antonietta's or Pfemme Records?

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Quanto eri bello – Maria Antonietta [Smart indie pop for thoughtful gals]

Ingen är bara här för att dansa – Pfemme Records [Dancefloor indie with a punk spirit and Swedish swearing]

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