Game on: Belgium vs Ireland

It’s Belgium vs Ireland and I’m going to introduce you to the biggest star you’ve not yet heard of.

Stromae is MASSIVE in Benelux and France. Seriously, look how many views Tous les mêmes has and boggle at how this is the first you’re hearing of him. Anyway, he can sing, he can dance, he looks good in and out of drag, what more is there for a pop star to achieve?

From Ireland we’ve got a really good band who play big band Jamaican ska, Interskalactic. They have such a lovely retro sound and they just seem happy.

Which did you enjoy more? Stromae or Interskalactic?

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Tous les mêmes- Stromae [Extraordinarily accomplished gender pop with amazing physicality]

Simmer Down – Interskalactic [The sunny sound of ska, authentically and enthusiastically interpreted]


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