Game on: Iceland vs Hungary

Iceland’s bold men with their chiselled good looks and incredible stamina take on the Hungarians. I’m afraid I can’t be impartial here. Áfram Ísland!

Vök are serious looking bunch of coves, and their music is equally serious. It’s got a sort of pleasant melancholy and on the song Waiting in particular, it sort of sounds like the Icelandic landscape looks. Gorgeous.

ÍV took one of her English language songs to the final of A Dal in 2015, but this song Mindig Varsz is a slightly more grown up and sober production. It’s got a slight modern Eurovision feel to it, and it’s super listenable.

Whose beautiful song is more beautiful? Vök or IV?

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Waiting – Vök [Weightlessly perfect Nordic noir electro ballad]

Mindig vársz – ÍV [Breathy, warm mellow electro]




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