Game on: Slovakia vs England

This is tonight’s rock match, we’re getting a bit weird.

For Slovakia, we have the charming young people who call themselves Morbid Pig and their song about the restorative powers of a specific Slovakian brand of tartare sauce. It’s great. And that’s just the sauce.

For England we have Derby’s own Biscuit Mouth who make the most incredible rhythmic noises and shout wonderfully. As you can see from their video, they can also dance a little.

What did you like more - Morbid Pig or Biscuit Mouth?

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Tatarska omaska – Morbid Pig [Noisy paean to specialist condiment]

That’s some cool change, sonny, for sure – Biscuit Mouth [Disconcertingly danceable thrashing about with intense rhythms]

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