Game on: Czechia vs Turkey

It’s Czechia vs Turkey! Today we’ve got two songs which attempt to transmit some sort of universal message through the medium of having civilians lipsync the song in the video.

For Czechia we have Barbora Poláková with the more experimental version of this video trope, which is colour graded to look like a lifestyle magazine and is about how all the young people are burning the candle at both ends and taking too much guarana.

For Turkey we have a song about living your life, doing what you want to do and loving who you want to love, which is quite a good sentiment for the Turkish pop scene. It’s a shame that the Turkish establishment don’t subscribe to it.

Which country has the better song? Czechia or Turkey?

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Generace – Barbora Poláková [Modern, angular song about the travails of a modern stimulant enhanced generation]

Hayat 2 Bilet – Deniz Seki [Inspirational anthem about seizing the day]

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