Game on: Ukraine vs Poland

Four posts in a day! It’s getting serious now. For Ukraine vs Poland we’ve got two songs that are lovely in and of themselves, but which are also supported by visually stunning videoclips.

For Ukraine, we have Таша Круз’s ode to her city Kyiv, which lopes along tree-lined boulevards and smiles subtly in parks and generally makes the place look dead nice.

For Poland we’ve got Natalia Nykiel’s edgier, more disconcerting effort which sounds and looks like a story about the conveniences of modern life leading to isolation and The End. I will talk to you about this on twitter.

Who had the better song? Ukraine or Poland?

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How Can You Not Love (My Kyiv)? – Таша Круз [Delightful jazz ballad with disconcerting video]

Badz Duzy – Natalia Nykiel [Gentle but wonky ballad with a superbly arty video]


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