Game on: Iceland vs Hungary

The Icelanders are casually telling us that Hekla is stirring. It’s the geological equivalent of saying “It’d be a shame if you angered the gods of the earth by not facilitating the progress of Icelandic football” and I hope that the Austrians are listening. I don’t fancy a reprise of the Eyjafjallajökull affair.

So we have some heavy stuff indeed from Iceland in the shape of the most recent single from Great Grief and some very not heavy stuff from Austria from a band called VIECH, who’ve done nothing wrong.

Which was better? Iceland or Austria?

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Knives – Great Grief [Very noisy and abrasive metal that starts out all hardcore-esque, tours a dozen metal sub-genres and is almost short enough to enter into Eurovision]

Zentrale – VIECH [Extremely jaunty pop rock stuff with brass enhancement from some chirpy and clean cut Austrians]

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