N’Deti – The Bloody Foreigners

When the football is over, we’ll be taking a special look at a nation which isn’t yet a Eurovision nation in its own right. But first, and along the same lines, let’s have a listen to N’Deti by The Bloody Foreigners, who are a London-based band of Kosovar academic rock chaps who sound like they might be quite fun. The Bloody Foreigners operate across genre boundaries, mainly concerned with hitting the groove and rocking out.

There does seem to be a lot of interesting and mysterious stuff going on in the Kosovar music scene, and I also read this lovely article about how the Rock School in Mitrovica is helping young people from divided communities communicate.

Apparently, the main Kosovan broadcaster only needs to join the International Telecommunications Union before Eurovision Song Contest participation becomes possible. Dua Lipa & Era Istrefi duet anyone? Or get Nora Istrefi in and make it a supergroup?

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