Game on: Portugal vs Wales

Honestly, it was going to be football songs until I heard the Manics’ lyrically difficult Together Stronger and then realised that it couldn’t be football songs. So instead we’re going to rock out.

Rocking out for Wales is HARK, who come out of Swansea bearing monstrous riffs with big beards and black t-shirts. They’ve got very pleasing graphic design and they’re touring this summer, so you know, go and see them.

Rocking out for Portugal are Twin Transistors, who come from somewhere in Central Portugal and describe themselves as a locomotive in motion, a steamroller, and as having weight, density and power. Physically and metaphorically, they are correct.

Who rocks out more? Wales or Portugal?

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Stelle – Twin Transistors [Admirably restrained and cool stoner/doom]

Palendromeda – HARK [Ankle-deep in riffs, dripping with Welsh rock power]






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