Land – Porya Hatami

This is something very different. If you’re familiar with the concept of ASMR, then you’ll be overjoyed when I tell you that I’m recommending a whole album of ambient music mixed with triggers like tapping, crinkles, weather sounds, electronic glitches and dusty vinyl records.

Porya Hatami is an Iranian sound artist who mixes electronic ambient music with superbly captured minimal field recordings to produce really delicate soundscapes of beauty, texture and emotional depth. Also, this music may make your head tingle.

If you’re new to the concept of ASMR – it’s a little bit hard to explain. You know how sometimes a particular moment in a song will give you goosebumps? Well, it’s like that but with some really specific sounds and spoken word recordings that give you a kind of audio massage. It’s nice, it’s relaxing and it is definitely weird.

If you’re curious, I recommend the work if top ASMR video creator, Allie ASMRequests. Try starting with this video for a sort-of explanation of how the ASMR recording process works and this video for the sci-fi plot and great visuals.

But back to Porya Hatami – the thing I’m recommending for you in this post is Land, his 2012 debut album. Each track evokes an almost elemental sonic palette – Winter, Sea, River, Rain – and develops these themes in an unhurried but precise way. Give this a listen. I recommend using your best headphones. If you like this, he’s got tonnes more to go at, including a brand new collaboration released just this week.

Porya Hatami has a website

Porya Hatami is on SoundcloudWe

Listen to Land on Spotify

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