Mick Pedaja – Hallo Kosmos session!

We promised you a high level of Mick Pedaja coverage, and here is some of that.

On Eeesti Raadio 2 (which I would say is arguably the world’s best music radio station) there is a very strange program called Hallo Kosmos where esoteric thinkers of all flavours are allowed to explain themselves in a judginess-free environment.

Now, this show had itself a birthday party at the start of June, and as part of that they had esoteric musical thinker Mick Pedaja doing a half hour set. If you want to listen to the set, go to 8:58 on the video in this link.  There’s a lovely version of Aeg, a new song in English that I didn’t recognise, and a version of Seis that is SLOWER THAN the Eesti Laul version.

Also, if you press the button marked “Laadi alla” you can download the whole show. Aitäh Raadio 2!

Mick Pedaja: Genius

Mick Pedaja. Photo: Felix Laasme

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