Friday’s Swedish Genius Special – Säkert and Hello Saferide

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to Säkert or Hello Saferide yet you should get round to  it. I’ve been listening these acts for ages now, and this Friday night you could take the opportunity to get in on it too. Both of these bands are really the work of songwriter Annika Norlin. Her lyrics are frank, sweet, explicit, dark, hilarious, tragic and always sit beautifully on top of an adorable melody.

I love her work. A great introduction is probably the album “Säkert på engelska” which has great English language versions of wonderful songs (particularly The Lakes We Skate On, Can I, November, and Dancing, Though) or “Introducing Hello Saferide”  which is funnier, sadder and has more extreme stories – I particularly like Long Lost Penpal and My Best Friend on that record.

These are the kind of songs that you don’t ever totally forget, with tunes that you’ll find yourself humming years down the line. They’re the kind of highly specific but totally universal songs that you could give to a younger friend or relative as a guide to how adulthood is essentially a game of pretend.

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