Krasotata – Beloslava

We’re back in ASMR corner, but this time the beautifully recorded domestic tapping and clinking noises are enmeshed in a delightful slow jam by Beloslava, who is a Bulgarian jazz star.  This was a song I found on Bulgarian Digster, where it stood out amongst the oodles of really abrasive Bulgarian rap and freaky Chalga. She’s duetting with Elena Kokorska, who won Bulgarian X Factor 2, but I can’t spot Elena in the video.

I hadn’t seen the pansexually luscious, confusingly limbed video until I started prepping this post. It’s a little bit disconcerting, in the way that a conceptual art installation uses nudity and slightly askew sexual imagery to give your brain a little start. Artistic nudity. Probably NSFW to be honest.

But do put your best headphones on and enjoy the music.

Beloslava is on Soundcloud

Beloslava has a Facebook page

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