Killer Road – Soundwalk Collective with Jesse Paris Smith & Patti Smith

I am… not entirely sure what this is, even on the fifth listen.

Let’s start with the facts. This is a piece called Killer Road by an international group called Soundwalk Collective, previously known for creating psychogeographical poetry tours of major cities amongst other pieces of hauntological sound art.

The vocals on the track are spoken by Patti Smith (yes, that Patti Smith) and there is music by Patti’s daughter Jesse Paris Smith. The words themselves are either about or by Nico (yes, that Nico) and concern her death in Ibiza. The live setup looks like an secret ritual taking place in the Radiophonic Workshop and then there’s this video which is, I think, part of the live art piece that this track is part of.

So here we have it. At the intersection of hauntology, psychogeography and weird ASMR music we find Killer Road.


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