Game On! Sweden vs South Africa

The sport is BACK! The very first event of the whole Olympic shebang is the women’s football that starts two days before the opening ceremony. The first match is Sweden vs South Africa, which gives us a chance to bring in some recommendations from another incredible music nation (who are also Associate Members of the EBU – I am just saying).

For Sweden we have Hanna Nutti, who is a singer/composer from the part of the Sápmi (Sami landss) at the very north of the country. She had a go at Sveriges Idol in 2014, and now she makes sophisticated, cinematic pop music, contributes to artworks and is an activist for Sami rights. Her voice is incredibly rich and expressive, and if the rest of the album (soon to come apparently) is as good as Hold Me Like I’m Her, then she is one to watch.

For South Africa we have a brand new single from the superbly dapper Toya Delazy. Her music is so fun, her style is incredible and I can’t believe she’s not a megastar. Her family history is amazing – her grandfather is major historical figure Mangosuthu Buthelezi and her great-grandmother is another historical figure – the boundary-smashing musician Princess Magogo.

Which country has the better song? Sweden or South Africa?

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Hold Me Like I’m Her – Hanna Nutti [Widescreen and sad, grown up pop]

Nu High – Toya Delazy [Wonderfully infectious, nostalgic and danceable]


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