Metal Is The Law – Massacration

Tonight’s great big Olympic Opening Ceremony in Rio is doubtless going to be a spectacular celebration of Brazilian culture and all that, but I bet that they don’t include any mention of the thriving and passionate Brazilian heavy metal scene.

It was the same in the London 2012 one. Not a single snippet of Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath. No Judas Priest. Not even a sniff of Saxon. No Hawkwind either, which I was terribly disappointed by.

Anyway, in an attempt to counter this, tonight I’m showing you a song by Massacration, who are a sort of Spinal Tap type band, in that they started as a comedy act and eventually became a real band. They describe themselves as the greatest and most classic heavy metal band. I feel like I’m getting maybe 50% of the jokes because I don’t understand Brazilian Portuguese, but if you are a metal fan (or know one) I think you’ll be familiar with the tropes poked here.

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