Aline Reis – Johannina (Ladybug)

While we’re all drinking our fill of televised elite sports from Rio, let’s continue with some Brazilian music. This is the brand new debut album from Brazilian singer Aline Reis, who is a different Aline Reis from the woman who has been playing in goal for the Brazilian Olympic football team.

This is probably a bit more what you’d expect from Brazilian music than last night’s parody metal excesses. There are beautiful acoustic guitar parts, there is gently groovy Latin percussion and the whole thing has an air of hushed tropical celebration.

I haven’t found the web presence of Aline Reis (the singer) because Aline Reis (the goalkeeper) is algorithmically winning out at the moment. She used to be in a band called Saia Rodada, but now she’s gone solo. This is as much as I know [EDIT: I think it turns out that is a different Aline Reis who is a singer, I think this might be the equivalent of being called Rachel Smith in the UK].  Please enjoy.

[EDIT 2: We’ve heard from the woman herself! You can enjoy the album on Soundcloud too]

Aline Reis is on Facebook

Aline Reis is on Soundcloud

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