Sofia – Álvaro Soler

Now then you lot, listen up. Ellie has gone on holiday and has left me in charge. Be prepared. Love Milly x

Getting straight to it we have a bouncy pop track by Álvaro Soler, it’s fun and there’s a bit that you’re definitely going to catch yourself whistling along to in the introduction. It’s all about how he wasn’t particularly nice to his ex girlfriend and now he regrets it because she’s happy with someone else. Funny how that happens.

The video was filmed in Havana, Cuba and it’s good to see a music video with an (almost) equal mixture of men and women doing the dancing.

I love songs with this sort of sound because it’s so summery and given that Álvaro had a hit across Europe last summer featuring Jennifer Lopez it could be something he does well, we’ll keep listening out for him.


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