Neshto Po-Dobro – Santra

This is an interesting one.

I was fully prepared to sing the praises of this track. I like how it sounds, it’s repetitive in a way that makes it catchy and I found myself attempting to sing along – all usually good signs.

I can’t honestly say I love the video, I’m not sure if it’s the YSL t-shirt and all the close ups on the bling or if it’s the way Santra is mugging at the camera but there’s something about it I’m not keen on. That said, you can’t always like the video to go with a good song!

Santra is a Bulgarian singer and this track is from 2013 so it’s not a new track and 2013 had a real mixture of highs and lows in pop music from Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (eek, the less said the better) to Arctic Monkey’s – Do I Wanna Know? so I think it’s up to you, dear readers to decide where this one falls.

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