Beauty Sucks – Kezzy

So here you have another song currently charting in Europe, Kezzy’s offering as of Friday is Number 40 in Austria’s music charts. It was released back in May so she’s doing a cracking job to stay in the charts this long.

Kezzy is a young, Austrian artist at the beginning of her career and this is a fun track. I love the pitch of her voice – its a bit country music down the bottom end and super poppy when she’s doing the ‘Oooh’s’.

The video is pretty bizarre, the dancers in hospital gowns and socks I can’t tear my eyes away from, plus the twerker with her head in a lampshade. I don’t know.
The two other song titles referenced leads me to believe Kezzy has a wide taste in music herself (The Smiths and Nirvana, I approve.) So we’ll listen out for her future tracks.

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