Andiamo A Comandare – Fabio Rovazzi

Did you want a catchy track to get you over the mid-week hump? Well have some grime inspired Italian pop-rap.

Writer note: I love writing these reviews, I write some really improbable sentences.

Fabio Rovazzi is a young Italian rapper who raps in Itlian and has gained some popularity through social media. This is his first release and it has climbed steadily through the Italian charts reaching number 1 and going platinum this summer.

Other than one swear the lyric is clean, he even drinks mineral water and wears slippers in the club! There’s a heavy grime influence in the bassline to the song which puts Dizzee Rascal at the forefront of your mind.

I’m off to a wedding this weekend so I think I’m going to be trying out the dance move in a real life situation.

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