Gotas De Agua Dulce – Juanes

I’ll hold my hands up, this one isn’t European but Juanes sings in Spanish so I’m going to for it ‘Drops of Fresh Water’ as the title translates is just too wonderfully relevant to today’s weather.

This song is from 2007 by Juanes a Colombian singer/songwriter and activist who has been very successful in the two stages of his career. Firstly in a thrash metal band Ekhymosis and from the turn of the millennium as a solo artist.

I don’t think this song sounds 9 years old, it has a pretty tune and Juanes voice sits well, it took time to select a good song that didn’t have a video that made me cringe but this ‘in studio’ style is usually interesting to watch. The lyric is sweet and simple a love song that (hopefully) will offend no one.

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