Nehéz – Meszecsinka

BLIMEY! Do you fancy some very intense Hungarian folk music? Meszecsinka have you covered.

I’ve embedded the whole album but I’m presenting to you the opening track Nehéz. Over the course of 5 minutes and 45 seconds, the song grows from a plaintive wail into an insistent, rocking drone, builds to a climax which sounds like a combination of Robert Plant’s yelps in Whole Lotta Love and Halle Berry accepting her Oscar. And then it gets more intense from there.

Meszecsinka are a really interesting band, who’ve been mixing up all manner of music traditions since 2009. The voice you hear is the sensational Annamari, who sings in seven languages and has such an incredible range of vocal textures and techniques. I would love to see this band live, and according to their website if I was in Sicily right now I could.

Meszecsinka have a website

Meszecsinka are on Bandcamp

Meszecsinka are on Soundcloud


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