Dark Black – My Heart The Brave

It’s Friday night and time for some epic Danish electropop from My Heart The Brave. Armed with woozy Jean Michel Jarre synths and a slightly wonky Mike Oldfield guitar/synth solo, this is coming at you from a firmly late 70s electronica place, but also manages to be a thoroughly 21st century dancefloor anthem. He says on his Facebook that this is ‘probably the best thing I’ve ever done’, and I hope that I hear enough more from him that I get to argue about that.

This song would sound amazing on the radio. I want them to play this song on the radio. I want the BBC to re-invent their pop music TV offering so that My Heart The Brave can awkwardly bop along to this behind a massive synth with fake teak on the side panels. That is what this record sounds like.

My Heart The Brave is on Soundcloud

My Heart The Brave has a website


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