Dor In Lipsa Ta – Alya ft Ralflo

To be honest, I was starting to think that there was more than one Slovenian artist working under the name Alya, despite the wikipedia page that suggests otherwise. Her CV is VARIED to say the least. I really like her early faux hair metal stuff like I Don’t Care and Non-Stop, which sounds a bit like that Max Martin song that Bon Jovi recorded, but it does seem like she’s trying to have that all stricken from the record on YouTube.

Alya has made multiple attempts to represent Slovenia at Eurovision, but never finished higher than third. She seems to be just hitting her stride in 2016, with the dancehall-tastic Srce Za Srce, but I’ve recommended her big heartfelt duet with Ralflo. It really reminds me of Nelly & Kelly’s big song Dilemma, and it’s a rather beautiful sentimental ballad about how a couple can’t get on, but miss each other in their absence. It’s basically Balkan Dilemma. Dor In Lipsa Ta.

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