Child In Time – Stary Olsa

Such is the nature of my musical tastes, I can’t be totally sure whether or not this is the first time I’ve listened to Stary Olsa. They seem really familiar, but I might be thinking of Moldova’s Che-MD who are just a tad less authentic.

This is Belorussian medieval classic rock and it makes perfect sense. They’ve been going since 1999 and for the main part, their repertoire consists of traditional music, played on traditional instruments, but they also do a selection of astonishing covers. Smells Like Teen Spirit? Yes, it does.

They’ve just released a whole album of the rock covers, which they funded by Kickstarter, but in this interview they say they’re going to be going back to the medieval music for their next record.

Stary Olsa have a website

Stary Olsa are on Soundcloud








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