Art – Pur:pur

So! The decision has been made and the Eurovision people will be heading to Kyiv next May. To celebrate we’ll have the brand new single and slightly disquieting new video from pur:pur (who came 4th in the Ukrainian national selection in 2016 and can probably be counted on to have another go) .

Previously from Ukraine we’ve shared epic pop divas, riffy stoner rock, delightful art rock pop, and a breezy jazz ballad that wonders ‘How can you not love Kyiv?’. There was a meme going around shortly after Jamala’s triumph in Stockholm contrasting saying “get you a country that can do both” with contrasting pictures of Jamala and Verka Seduchka. It’s not even a matter of a country that can do both – they can probably do it all.

pur:pur are on soundcloud

pur:pur have a website


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