We Met At A Party – Apella

I’ve spent the summer coming up with ideas for a hypothetically independent Scotland to do well at their first Eurovision, but I’ve been overlooking the fact that there’s countries struggling with their Eurovision acts right now. Let’s talk about Ireland.

I think that the video embedded above shows Ireland that there is an amazing way to regain their Eurovision reputation. The band is Apella, made up of Dara Quilty, an extremely personable and determined musician & radio host (just listen to this super fun interview with him) and Ronan Nolan, drummer. The song is a 2 and a half minute power guitar pop single, which sits at the intersection of a Venn diagram including Blink 182, One Direction and Royal Blood. I know. It’s also got a chant along, stomp along chorus, a song structure that is a bit different to the usual Eurovision ABABkeychangeB thing, and there’s even time in the guitar breaks to do a run out to the satellite stage at the front and do some crowd interaction & rockstar posing.

So, maybe Dara and Ronan think that they might be a bit too cool for Eurovision? Maybe they saw what happened to Nicky Byrne in Stockholm and wouldn’t consider it?

Well let me put it to them this way: if you want the best part of 200 million people to see you sing your single then it is worth a shot. Even if you don’t win, look at the European career that the Jedward lads still have as a result of their Eurovision work. With Eurovision, you don’t have to take on Europe one capital at a time, you can get automatically beamed into all the capitals (and beyond!) at once. Also, I can assure you that lads as funny as yourselves would be a massive hit with the Eurovision press, which would give you a significant boost. So, if you’re reading this, Dara and Ronan, and RTE have asked you to give the Eurovision a thought, I say just do it. Do it even if RTE haven’t asked you yet. Come to Kyiv, it’ll be a laugh.

Unfortunately, the excellent single above was released before September 1st this year, so they can’t actually send this one. But I bet they’ve got a similar stormer up their sleeves. Just keep it under three minutes.

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