To Samo – Jananas

You were going to be getting a Danish novelty song that uses the over-extended metaphor of Pokemon Go to describe a romantic problem, but then I heard this which is significantly better on every level. Jananas have been quietly working away as a folk/country band since 2005 and have just this year got round to releasing a 2nd album, called To Samo. Also, today it’s appropriate that we introduce you to a Czech band, as we were formally asked to start calling their country Czechia from today onwards (yes, we were early adopters here).

The title song (embedded above for your listening pleasure) has a really cool descending chorus, and a very interesting construction that is giving me some very enjoyable repeat listens as I really examine it. I can also recommend the rest of the album – PoÚtStČtPáSoNe is especially delightful, but not easily pronounceable by Anglophones.

Jananas have a website


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