Badawiya Lovin’ – Hello Psychaleppo

Continuing our occasional forays into music outside the wider European zone, I submit for your consideration the genuine thrills of Badawiya Lovin’ by Hello Psychaleppo.

It’s the work of producer Samer Saem Eldahr, who comes from Aleppo but is currently prevented from living and working there by the ongoing Syrian war. The UNHCR estimates that there are 63.5 million people in the world who are currently displaced by conflict or persecution.

Badawiya Lovin’ mixes samples of traditional Arabic vocals with ever-shifting modern electronic music to create huge, expressive sonic landscapes. You forget that it’s ten minutes long, because it flows from movement to movement, layering different beats and techniques to create a seemingly endless piece you want to dance wildly to.

Hello Psychaleppo is on Soundcloud

Hello Psychaleppo has a website

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