Thanks (To All My Friends) – Flying Frogs


Yet again I find myself solving the Eurovision problems of a country that hasn’t actually asked me to stick my oar in. Spain loves Eurovision but is basically stuck in that horrible zone where what they send isn’t matching up to the modern contest (cf UK, Ireland, Denmark) but the expectation of the Spanish Eurofans is raised and dashed every year. It’s a difficult cycle to break.

I think it’s probably time to send something like Flying Frogs to Eurovision. Melodic hardcore is theoretically a very good Eurogenre: it’s melodic, uptempo, singalong stuff, usually with stirring themes that are reflected in a huge chorus. The chorus could even contain technically difficult passages that would accrue loads of jury votes, and if one or more of the singers in the band were super attractive and wore eyeliner and artfully ripped muscle shirts then I think you’d be looking at a top ten finish.

Anyway, Flying Frogs are great fun and a very serious band who are almost certainly not thinking about entering the world’s largest pop competition. I picked this song because it’s the one with the most Eurovision sentiment (friendship, solidarity) and the title reminds me of Cliff’s Power To All Our Friends. It’s 3 minutes long too. Think about it, Spain.

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