Red Moon – Aminata

Aminata has got more done in 2016 than you have. She’s participated in her second Eurovision as a songwriter (you’ll remember her from blowing your mind at Eurovision 2015) and both times she’s had to make it past the infamous Riga Beaver. She’s also graduated from a business Masters at the University of Latvia, and put together a whole second album, which is what we’re listening to today.

We’ve heard some of the songs on Red Moon before – Aminata was singing Fighter and (I think) Bridges around the Eurovision promo circuit earlier on in the year, and Red Moon was one of a number of sub 3-minute singles which dropped in early September and raised eyebrows regarding potential Eurovision participation. I would suggest, if Aminata is going to have another go at Supernova as a singer, her best shot might be I Can’t Forget, which is a sort of inverse of Love Injected – a wall-shaking song about the end of a relationship with similarly fascinating, spacious, futuristic production.

Songs like Your Arms and Rude are slightly more dancefloor-adjacent, and I’m Not The One You Used To Know has a fantastic bassline. This is a good album, Aminata is a consistently great songwriter and still she’s so young. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

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