Гісторыя майго жыцця – NAVI

It’s a busy week in Eurovision land. Yesterday, at roughly the same time as the very exciting Melodifestivalen launch the good people of Belarus were live-streaming their Eurovision national selection auditions. They give every single applicant a go in front of the cameras, resulting in high jinks and shenanigans as you can well imagine. You can watch them all if you’ve got 61 x 3 minutes to spare. Quality is varied.

NAVI are my pick of this year’s crop though – they are so joyous and their sound is so beautiful and accomplished that I can’t really see past them for the win. I trust that the people of Belarus will not let me down. It’s not their first time in the competition – last year was a similarly folky effort but it maybe lacked the frantic bounce of this year’s song?

Also, if you’re making your Christmas playlists can I suggest that you include their gorgeously snow-swept song Plakali Vetry in the mix.

In short, NAVI are great and we should get behind them even if it means going to Minsk in January. Especially if it means going to Minsk in January.

One thought on “Гісторыя майго жыцця – NAVI

  1. I have to say that I personally would have gone for “Be Stronger” by Aleksandra Tkach but this was a close second. I have to say that the main downside for NAVI is singing in Belarusian and the crown participation encouragement, which always annoys me at Eurovision as it appears a bit desperate. She’s got a great voice though and this should look good in the NF. I’ve got a feeling that this could be Napoli’s year though, second to IVAN last year and she actually is in tune this time, sort of…

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