Eesti Laul 2017: Semi Final 2 Preview

So last week in the Semi Final 1 preview I said that Estonia had the first song in 2017 that I thought had a chance at winning the big glass microphone. Well, between then and now the San Remo festival happened and everyone fell in love with this guy who dances with a gorilla and we all had some interesting initial chats about cultural appropriation. Now, I’m less sure that any of the Estonian songs can outscore a charming Italian philosophy lesson with an easily mimicked dance routine, but there’s still potential for great placings here.

Let’s examine the contenders:

Liis Lemsalu – Keep Running

There’s something incredibly warm hearted and joyful about this dancey uptempo number about the wonder of spontaneous adventure. Liis tells us that her backpack is packed and she’s ready to go. The contrast between the chiming verse synths and wild, rushing chorus is quite delightful. I’d like this one to qualify, but not at the cost of Angeelia.

Koit Toome & Laura  – Verona

This is just gorgeously atmospheric. Last year Laura came 2nd in Eesti Laul with a pretty decent song called Supersonic, but this year she’s teamed up with Koit Toome (who already represented Estonia in 1998) and I feel like this really could be her year. This Shakespearean epic starts with a pretty stark verse against a background of birdsong and night-time sounds, which made me think of Laura as Juliet on her balcony. Then Koit comes in and the whole thing kicks off, with our young lovers running up and down Italian backstreets hand in hand.

The ‘we are lost!’ call and response of the pre-chorus is structurally very striking, and lends itself to some potentially visually interesting stage direction. And then the chorus comes in with a nice wordless ‘ah’ bit to sing along with and the descending chimes in the backing track that really strike the ear. There have been goosebumps when I’ve been listening to this. This is the one that I thought could potentially give Estonia another Goodbye To Yesterday type result. Maybe it can?

Rasmus Randvee – This Love

A raw as you like slice of bluesy pop with swaggering brass and strutting pianos. The way that descending motif in the chorus is echoed by the backing vocals is superb. Love it. Not much more to say.

Kerli – Spirit Animal

So you know how we had a chat about cultural appropriation this week? I am braced for us to have another one once we see Kerli’s stage show at the weekend. Let’s do this. Spirit Animal has numerous lyrical references to Native American spiritual traditions as a metaphor for a romantic relationship. An American popstar wouldn’t go near this song – there’d be outcries and boycotts. What on earth is Kerli doing?

Now, I can see why this has happened. Twitstagram is full of teens saying that so-and-so pop star or TV actor is their spirit animal, and Coachella was full of people wearing Native American sacred headgear a few years ago. But the thing is, the Native American people have asked the twitstagram teens and the Coachella headdress wearers to leave their religious symbols alone. So lyrically, for me, Kerli is already on a deeply sticky wicket and if she turns up in some form of Native American costume on Saturday night, then I cannot get behind this.

The annoying thing about this is that Kerli could probably have done something really cool that draws upon her own Estonian folk traditions. She is a bona fide amazing popstar with an immense sense of theatre and a deeply involved fanbase. There’s no way she’s not getting to the final and it’ll take something special to beat her to Kyiv. With some lyrical tweaking this could be a cool song. I still strongly prefer Diamond Hard though.

Daniel Levi – All I Need

Ahhh, this is a big dreamy Eurovision love song with just enough modern production touches to sweep Daniel Levi into the final. I don’t think it’s actually distinctive enough to cut through a semi final – it has a certain smooth anonymity to it that would have you going ‘So who was it I was voting for?’ at the end of a crowded semi-final. It’s a nice pop song though.

Alvistar Funk Association – Make Love Not War

Hurrah! A novelty funk song about world peace and that. However, there are two problems:

1) The UK is not the same as England. In a song that makes a point of giving Kosovo a shout out, what happened to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

2) There’s something about the singer’s voice which puts me on edge. It’s like tearing cotton wool. 

It’s an entertaining miss, but in a strong semi final (I’d be happy if eight of the ten songs qualified) this is the first and last you’re going to hear of it. Unless the Estonian televote is much weirder than I could ever have imagined.

Close To Infinity feat Ian Karell – Sounds Like Home

So, this song is brought to you by the change in the Eesti Laul rules that means that you can have people who aren’t Estonian in your performance and songwriting team. Ian Karell is an American with Estonian parents and Sounds Like Home tells the story of his coming of age and how he found his true self by moving to Tallinn. It’s a beautifully funny immigrant story with a sort of anthemic chant-a-long quality. I really like this one too.

Almost Natural – Electric

This slow jam about remembering some particularly good rumpo somehow manages not to be sleazy. I don’t understand how. Anyway, it’s yet another really good modern pop song with a cool synth line in the chorus and a satisfyingly plump bassline. Why can’t we put 8 songs through to the final from this week?

Antsud – Vihm

This one goes out to all the fans of lutes and hurdy gurdies (hurdies gurdy?) all over Europe. An aggravatingly hummable, deeply insistent and really really fun song about rain. It’s always lovely to hear some folk music in a national selection process, even if there’s next to no chance at all of it making the final. Also I hope they do the UV body paint thing on the TV.

Angeelia – We Ride With Our Flow

Ah, this is really very pretty. It starts out with tinkly piano arpeggios and a delicate vocal then builds with a four to the floor beat and squelchy bass to something really exciting that pulsates with life. It’s as airy and ethereal as you like, chock full of structural surprises and interesting techniques. It sounds like a walk on a warm night with your sweetheart that ends up with you finding a rave in a starlit grove. I would love this to get to the final.

So, you have to pick just five qualifiers out of that. It’s going to be a tough one!

(I will flip the table and sulk forever if Angeelia doesn’t get to the final)

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