ESC 2017: A (Pretend) Song For Turkey NOW VOTE!

To recap: we’ve got 8 Turkish and Turkish-connected pop songs that come from the ESC 2017 time window and I can solidly recommend all 8 of them. Now what you have to do is pick your favourite three.

Europe, the World, and beyond: Begin voting!

Which of these fab contenders should be our Faux Turkish Eurovision song?

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2 thoughts on “ESC 2017: A (Pretend) Song For Turkey NOW VOTE!

  1. Hiya Ellie/Emily,

    I’m just listening to the playlist but you have an extra track there, between your 5 and 6 on the list above…

    Sevgihan – “Kalpsiz”

    Pleasant song but it wouldn’t get in my top 3 🙂

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